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Why Today’s Managers Need to Also Be Creative Innovators

By Stephanie L

Updated January 18, 2021 Updated January 18, 2021

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A creative mindset isn’t needed only for ‘creative jobs’, nor are business-related jobs exclusive to those with business backgrounds. Last year, an IBM survey of more than 1,500 CEOs from over 60 countries and 33 industries ranked creativity as the number one skill in helping their companies deal with an ever-changing complex world. 

To find out why collaborations between business, art, and technology are so important, TopUniversities spoke with Associate Professor Marie-France Clerc-Girard, and MSc in International Business Development student, Johann Bourgoin at ICN Business School.

Art, technology and management as one

It may feel unusual to think of business as overlapping with art, technology and engineering, but this multi-disciplinary combination can help a business achieve the competitive edge they’re striving for.

Creativity and innovation are vital elements in corporate culture; they keep business competitive, nurture company culture, boost productivity, help solve problems, and together, they can be a real driving force for business success. 

This is something which ICN Business School is committed to teaching in its 18 specialized master’s degree programs (subjects covered include Finance, HR, Marketing and International Management). ICN has always been one step ahead of the game, with its identity and development rooted in bringing art, technology and management together across its three campuses in Paris, Nancy and Berlin.

Bringing disciplines and professions together is an integral part of ICN Business School, says Clerc-Girard.

“The collaboration with the School of Art and Design and School of Engineering (ARTEM) encourages students to think differently and tackle challenges that are somewhat removed from their initial field of study and expertise.”

In spring 2021, a new project called Station A will take the Artem alliance spirit even further, offering unique and positive learning experiences. It is a dedicated space for business and transdisciplinary research workshops, where students can unleash their learning potential.

This creative approach opens doors for students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Are you a creative wanting to get into business? Or are you an aspiring business professional who’s looking to branch out into the creative side of business?

Those with an undergraduate degree in engineering may want to become more business-oriented and consider a specialization in Marketing and Brand Management in Berlin or International Business Development in Nancy.

If you consider yourself to have a more creative and artistic flair, the MSc in Luxury and Design Management in Paris could be ideal. Should you want to broaden your perspective in management, the MSc in Creative and Cultural Industries Management in Nancy may be more suitable.

You’ll know how to create new ways to think and act in business

ICN students in class

ICN student Johann Bourgoin leading a ‘moving debate’ between different PhD professors coming from all over the world during the ARTEMOOC days of research and creativity.

Fast-changing expectations of consumers and disruptive economic conditions demand managers who can think creatively, but who can also still work with logic and precision.

“We cannot thrive without sharing perspectives. We need this multidisciplinary fusion to succeed in a constantly changing world that’s threatened by environmental and civilizational collapse,” explains Johann.

As purpose-driven business is gaining momentum, the ARTEM alliance has incorporated this into its workshops. Having recognized there are some business problems which can no longer be fixed using old solutions, Johann says the ARTEM alliance has taught him “to be agile in a constantly changing world”.

Broadening perspectives improves modern business operations, strategies, and models

ICN students working together in class

Image credit: ICN Business School

Building bridges between different academic disciplines helps to broaden perspectives and improve business operations and the ARTEM alliance at ICN “helps students develop an alternative mindset and behavioral approach that is more in-line with the complex and interdisciplinary nature of reactive and agile contemporary business and management practices – something which is desperately needed in modern society,” says Clerc-Girard.

Students also have the opportunity to undertake immersive entrepreneurial workshops and projects, which require more than just academic knowledge, but also and above all, “know-how, interpersonal skills, ability, dexterity, creative faculties, agility and more; it’s these characteristics are those increasingly demanded by companies,” says Clerc-Girard.

Lead image credit: ICN Business School

This article was originally published in December 2020 . It was last updated in January 2021

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