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Al al-Bayt University



A city in northern Jordan, and capital of the Mafraq Govern orate. It is an administrative and regional trade centre for the sparsely populated northeast part of the country. Mafraq is a transportation hub with roads to Syria in the north, Iraq in the east and Saudi Arabia in the south-east. The area contains a lot of archeological sites from Paleolithic ruins to Ottoman sites, such as Umm al-Jimal and al-Fadeen. The region has a desert climate. It tends to be rather hot and dry during the day and in the summer, and relatively cold during the night and in the winter. On August 17, 1992 (18 Safar 1413 H), a Royal Decree was issued ordaining the establishment of Al al-Bayt University. As stated in the Royal Message, the University is to meet an urgent need for a new kind of university; one that combines the requirements of scientific methodology in teaching and research, on one hand, and the requirements of belief and clarity of vision on the other, thus, creating harmony between the rounded personality of the Muslim and his new environment. It also participates in serving and constructing the society within the domain (field) of the Islamic Values...

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