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Epsilon Net College

Sigrou 120 Athens,
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Undergraduate Overview

Epsilon Net has been established as an important education and training organization all over Greece with a focus on issues of International Financial Reporting Standards, Accounting, Taxation, Leadership, Business and Financial Management. The education is provided in our premises in Athens and Thessaloniki. 

At the same time, we work together with career offices of the State Universities across Greece through an innovative application of data Management that we call “Evresis”. We give students and learners the possibility to seek employment through a number of companies-customers respectively looking for candidates. This application process matches candidates’ profiles with job requirements and engage learners in a process of education and career development.

The competitive advantage of Epsilon Net College is the networking spirit and the employability access to high demand driven market. In Epsilon Net we provide products and services that cover core clients’ needs and overcome their expectations. We have achieved the provision of best possible service and the total satisfaction of customer experience, which has led to low (almost zero) attrition rates. The two previous conditions are the ground of our collaborations, which are a successful ‘’match” of evolving partners.

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