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Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Macromedia University is an institution with multiple strengths, focused on authentic and practice-oriented projects. The university has multiple campus locations which are situated in the very center of Germany’s economic and media hubs, including Berlin and Munich.

Change is the norm in today's digitalized world and we aim to train graduates who are able to anticipate, shape and manage changes in the field of media, communication and management. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences follows global developments in media, design, and management and conceives itself as a place for reflecting on these aspects through an interdisciplinary approach and continuous cooperation with the industries. The central idea that shapes our teaching methods is our belief in the holistic development of students. To this end, we provide students with highly individualized support and assimilate into the coursework various activities to develop their strategic skills, creativity, social skills and most importantly, practical know-how.   


Studying at Macromedia University

With about 80 highly qualified professorships and over 2000 students in all five media centres of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin, we prepare the next generation of media managers, brand managers, designers and business leaders who are competent internationally. Being focused on small classes with individual supervision, Macromedia University offers up-to-date courses and the opportunity for students to use tools in digital media design and media creation. The university's partnerships with over 500 well-known companies will help you gain valuable practical skills, and you’ll carry out practical projects throughout your course, which will allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios.

The university offers four Bachelor’s programs and nine Master’s programs taught entirely in English, as well as numerous programs in German. Notable courses include:

  • Media design
  • Fashion management
  • Business management
  • Brand management
  • Digital entrepreneurship

The university has state accreditation from the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and Arts, and is also accredited in locations across Germany: Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Berlin. Graduates of receive a Bavarian university degree.


Student’s life

With campuses in top cities like Berlin and Munich, students at Macromedia University are able to live in a major economic hub, close to leading media companies, global corporations, start-ups and broadcasting companies. Furthermore, German cities are both affordable and safe places to study, and provide a democratic, tolerant and safe environment with an excellent quality of life. Proximity to the industry is an added advantage for students as they have several opportunities to network with industry influencers and find internships. To help you take advantage of all these opportunities, Master’s students have classes on just three days a week, providing you with time to balance work and study.


Get in touch with us

We would be more than delighted to answer your questions and guide you through the application process. Simply, contact our study advisors via email, Whatsapp or chat and get personalized study advice. 


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