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Today’s highly competitive job market means an education that prepares students for work is more important than ever. Education must help learners develop the skills employers need. By providing degree programs relevant to today’s working world, along with job search resources to uncover new career opportunities, the University of Phoenix School of Business stands ready to help you solidify your long-term success in business. By selecting our certificate option, you can earn two credentials by the time you graduate. Choose to take career-focused courses earlier in your undergraduate degree program, and earn a certificate as well as your diploma. Or, you can opt to complete your associate degree en route to your bachelor’s degree. You can be confident that our curricula are designed to offer academic quality and professional relevance. Not only are many of our business degree programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), but they also address needs within U.S. businesses. Our coursework helps develop skills important to job success, such as idea development, analytical thinking, planning and effective communication. As a student, you’ll experience firsthand how to apply business principles to the working world from faculty members who average 20.5 years of business experience. In fact, more than 450 instructors have served as chief executive officers of their respective organizations. Additionally, more than 150 chief financial officers, nearly 100 chief operating officers and more than 1,500 company presidents are teaching our courses at any time throughout the year.

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