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Universidad Autónoma de Asunción (UAA)



The Autonomous University of Asunción (UAA) has its origin in the Higher School of Business Administration, a Higher Education Institution founded in 1978 with the aim of training human resources for business management. ESAE became a University in 1991.

The Autonomous University of Asunción (UAA) is a modern university prepared with physical resources of the highest level to provide its students, professors and administrative staff with all the comforts and services necessary to create an adequate, comfortable and pleasant environment for work, study and research. The university has a central headquarters located on Jejuí Street, between O'leary and 15 de Agosto, which has comfortable air-conditioned classrooms, two large auditoriums for the organization of congresses, conferences, national and international symposia, and teachers' cloisters (the Josefina Plá auditorium, Ramón Zubizarreta auditorium) and a Maria Luisa Puertas amphitheater, computer laboratories for assisted practices, laboratories for communication practices in digital radio and television, photography laboratories, a lactation room, microbiology laboratory, Chemical Laboratory, a dental clinic, audiology and family orientation office, teachers' rooms, student rooms, and roundtable classrooms for giving practical classes in which discussion and intellectual debate prevail. Likewise, the headquarters has an extensive library that has academic material including books, scientific journals, specialized publications in the different areas of knowledge and books by classical authors in their different genres, as well as (a) special rooms for study, research and concentration and (b) rooms especially designed for group discussion and teamwork equipped with state-of-the-art computers with internet access. On the other hand, the headquarters are home to one of the most beautiful trees in South America, a Yvapovo (estimated to be around 200 years old), which is practically the landmark of the entire building.

Regarding sports facilities, the university has its own Social and Sports Campus located in the city of Lambaré (Calle Héroes del 70, Number 890, nine blocks from Avda. Cacique Lambaré), which has first-rate sports infrastructure level destined, above all, to the students of the career of Sports Sciences, and for the leisure and fun of the students, teachers and administrative and service personnel of the university. Currently, the campus has four soccer fields, a basketball court, a handball court, two grass volleyball courts, a beach volleyball court, a futsal court, two children's pools, a regulatory swimming pool for national competitions, a multipurpose room, a barbecue area, and other complementary facilities, such as a canteen, changing rooms, etc.

The Autonomous University of Asunción (UAA) is an international university, has a staff of professors, researchers and national and international collaborators and with national and international students from countries such as Paraguay, Argentina, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Korea, Jamaica, Angola, the United States, etc.

Autonomous University of Asuncion is a modern university, equipped with an outstanding infrastructure and resources to create a pleasant and exciting study, research and work environment.

The Josefina Plá Auditorium and Ramón Zubizarreta Auditorium are used for various events and meetings, including congresses, conferences, faculty meetings and national and international symposiums. Autonomous University of Asuncion has a large library which is equipped with designated rooms for both independent and group research study. It also has computer science laboratories for supervised practices, radio and TV studios, photography labs, a medical center, dental clinic, faculty room and air-conditioned classrooms with round tables to aid practical classroom discussions.

For those who have a passion for sport, Autonomous University of Asuncion has its own sports campus located at Lambaré. With four soccer pitches, a basketball court, handball court, two grass volleyball courts, a beach volleyball court, futsal pitch, two swimming pools, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a multipurpose room, a barbecue room and other additional facilities, including a canteen and changing rooms, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Autonomous University of Asuncion is also the only South American Institution that holds the FIFA futsal senior male category championship.

As well as outstanding services and facilities at Autonomous University of Asuncion, the city of Asuncion also has much to offer.

It’s everything that a modern and open-minded city should be, for both locals and visitors. With its abundance of five-star hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and stores, Asuncion is a very cosmopolitan and multicultural city.

It’s also easy to travel to and from other cities in Latin America, including Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Lima, La Paz and Santiago de Chile.

Admissions to study at Autonomous University of Asuncion vary between undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as between departments.

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Autonomous University of Asuncion fosters and promotes goals that inspire students to help them grow both personally and professionally, and is committed to excellence and educational quality by providing students with the most efficient tools and skills necessary to help them progress in their professional careers.

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Total students - 6,565


Total faculty staff - 159


Total students - 6,565


Total faculty staff - 159

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