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Universidad Tecmilenio is a private, non-profit institution that emerged in 2002 as an innovation of Tecnológico de Monterrey. Our education framework is based on delivering the best return on educational investment.

Our vision is "To prepare people with a purpose in life and the competencies to achieve it".

Universidad Tecmilenio is an educational institution with a unique model, a world-first for its positive learning philosophy and methodology. Tecmilenio is known for the flexibility and empowerment that gives to its students, giving them the freedom to choose their educational program, according to their self-defined life purpose. 

Tecmilenio is a world leader in positive education as our model is based on the science of Positive Psychology, focusing on:

  • Assuring that our graduates can compete and flourish in a global economy.
  • Promoting happiness and wellbeing, and providing them with the tools for achieving the, amongst our community members.
  • Make our graduates positive leaders who flourish as the best version of themselves and help others to transform themselves.

This is why Tecmilenio is recognized for its leadership in positive education in international forums such as the United Nations (UN), the International Positive Education Network (IPEN), and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Currently, with 28 campuses located in 18 states of Mexico and Tecmilenio Online®, the University offers 2 high school programs, 24 undergraduate careers, 8 executive careers, and 7 mater's degree programs.

Our community is comprised of:

  • More than 81,000 graduates
  • 4,500 professors
  • 1,700 staff members
  • More than 58,000 students at the high school, undergraduate and graduated university levels


Seldon, A., & Martin, A. E. (2017). The positive and mindful university. Oxford: Higher Education Policy Institute.


  • Manufacture
  • Mechatronics
  • Electronics and Robotics
  • Networks
  • Gastronomy
  • Nutrition
  • Oral trials
  • Graphic design
  • Gessel
  • Computer





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COVID-19 Information: 

•             What is the status of planned campus admission open days/tours? 
For the moment, all face-to-face activities are suspender in all our campuses, until further notice. A virtual experience is available on our website. Only a Spanish version is available for the moment: https://www.tecmilenio.mx/es

•             How can applicants contact the university about their application? 
Please contact Anabel Banda by email: [email protected]

•             How is the university supporting applicants whose visa applications have been delayed? 
We currently do not have any cases of delayed visa applications. 

•             Is the university still accepting applications? Are there any restrictions being placed on international applicants? 
Pending approval from our institutional committee, we will send a personalized message to all international students with an acceptance letter. We will request that, if they are determined to come to Mexico, kindly follow the preventive measures we have implemented for current international and local students: 1. Limiting their activity outside of their home to essential purposes 2. Frequent hand washing and use of antibacterial gel 3. Coughing and sneezing etiquette. 4. Disinfecting frequently used surfaces at home 5. Suspending travel for all purposes. 

•             How are applications for university accommodation being handled? 
Our international programs staff gives advice to international students, so they are able to find their own accommodation. 

•             Is the university making any changes to entry requirements (i.e. test results, required documents)? 
We are not making any changes to our entry requirements. Please keep in mind that this may change in the coming weeks.

At Universidad Tecmilenio, whether it's high school, undergraduate, executive studies, or for your postgraduate degree, and whether its person or online; we want every step with us to be a positive experience, from the first moment you decide to study with us, onward.

For more information: https://tecmilenio.mx/en/proceso-de-admisiones/pasos

University Highlights

Total students - 33,652


Total faculty staff - 1,963


Total students - 33,652


Total faculty staff - 1,963

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