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Updated Jun 18, 2024



Munich is the best city in Germany for students

QS Best Student Cities ranking: 4th

In accordance with Germany’s growing status as an international study destination, the country has two entries in the top 10 of this year’s QS Best Student Cities. Munich has risen to fourth place, becoming one of the best destinations in the world for students.

Munich’s impressive feat was no doubt helped by its ranking in the desirability, employer activity and affordability indicators, probably due to the city’s lower prices compared to other European hubs, quality of life, ease of getting around, nightlife and Bavarian friendliness.

Moreover, no tuition fees are charged for undergraduate students at public universities in the majority of Germany, regardless of nationality.

As for universities in Munich, the city’s highest entrant in the QS World University Rankings® 2025 is Technical University of Munich in 28th place.

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Internationally ranked universities in Munich

More about Munich

The fourth best city in the world for students scored well across all areas. The city is affordable on a day-to-day basis, with plenty of amenities that make life manageable on a student budget. 

 To find out how each of the above categories is calculated, view the methodology.

Number of universities ranked by QS


Highest-ranked institution

Technical University of Munich (28th in the world)



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Why study in Munich?

High standard of living

The Bavarian capital, Germany's third largest city, offers students a high standard of living with affordable prices. While the cost of living might seem higher than in other big cities around the world, it's proportionate to the quality of life - this is reflected in the desirability indicator, for which Munich is ranked 12th worldwide. 

With great infrastructure, transportation that allows you to get around easily and top-notch education, it's no surprise that Munich is one of this year's top study destinations.

Beautiful scenery all around

Within Germany, Munich has unique access to some of the most scenic natural locations in the country. From botanic gardens to natural reserves, the Alps, forests and lakes, the city offers the most adventurous and nature-oriented students a perfect escape from the bustling city life.

A diverse environment

Munich is an incredibly stimulating city for students. Every year, over 17,400 international applicants - accounting for 25 percent of all students - make their way to Bavaria to embark on their educational journey, from undergraduate degrees to Erasmus and exchange programmes. This has earned the city a great score for student mix, as students can find an open-minded and diverse environment where different cultures are celebrated throughout. 

Cost of studying in Munich

Living costs in Munich might seem on the higher end compared with other German and European cities such as Berlin and London. However, taking into account the great infrastructure and the exceptional standard of life, the Bavarian capital placed 54th worldwide for affordability.


Life & culture in Munich

If you want to experience true German culture, studying in Munich is definitely a great option. The city is a vibrant metropolis, with events taking place throughout the year and an array of activities to do on a daily basis.

One can't talk about Munich without mentioning the Oktoberfest. After all, it is the most famous and biggest beer festival in the world, attracting thousands of tourists every year. It's definitely not an experience to miss.


Careers in Munich

Munich placed in the top 10 worldwide for employer activity, and for a good reason: the city is a strong business hub not only in Bavaria, but also in Germany and Europe. Companies such as BMW, Allianz, PWC, Accenture and Deloitte all have headquarters in the city's economic districts, generating opportunities for young graduates across industries and sectors. 

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