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3 reasons to study a healthcare degree in Jordan

By Chloe Lane

Updated October 31, 2022 Updated October 31, 2022

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Jordan is an Arab country on the East Bank of the Jordan river. With a population of just under 10.5 million, it is one of the smaller Arab countries. Despite its size, Jordan is known for its advanced healthcare system.  

However, this is far from the only reason to study healthcare in Jordan. 

In the northwest of Jordan is Amman, the country’s capital city and its economic, political and cultural centre. Amman is home to the largest and oldest higher education institution in Jordan, the University of Jordan.  

The University of Jordan offers a variety of healthcare degrees in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and rehabilitation sciences. Each of these healthcare degrees ranks among the top 500 in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022

In this article we will be exploring what makes Jordan the perfect study destination to start your career in healthcare. 

Jordan is a great place to start a very rewarding career in healthcare 

Careers in healthcare can be incredibly rewarding. 

“Each day you work will make such a difference to so many people's lives that naturally you will feel job satisfaction,” said Dr Suha Abu-Ghazaleh, a professor in pediatric dentistry at the University of Jordan.  

“Caring for others and seeing your patients go from strength to strength because of the work and commitment you give is very rewarding and fulfilling,” she added.  

The healthcare industry covers a wide range of careers, and there are always plenty of opportunities to develop new skills and push into new areas of healthcare. Dr Abu-Ghazaleh explains that healthcare graduates can choose to branch out into a sub-discipline of healthcare and focus on research or management – or even education. 

“The world needs new cures and treatments for chronic illnesses, and healthcare institutes need managers that understand the core values and principles of healthcare,” she said. “You can also work in education if you’re willing to develop your pedagogic skills.” 

University of Jordan clinical pharmacy master's student, Yara AlKhatib, believes that one of the most intriguing parts of his degree was the many career paths it opened up to her. “Healthcare, at least to me, is a timeless degree, it will always be needed and appreciated,” she said.  

Fortunately for healthcare graduates, jobs are also readily available, particularly in Jordan, due to the growing demand for healthcare professionals. As roles in healthcare are highly specialised, this also means that they are often well rewarded financially

With so many career opportunities available, Yara completed two field training sessions over two semesters in community and hospital pharmacies and took part in qualitative research. This helped Yara realise her true passion for research and led her to a master’s degree in clinical pharmacy, which she is currently studying at the University of Jordan. 

Yara said: “I was accepted into working on major research projects with Ivy league educational institutions such as Yale University in the US and Oxford Brookes University in the UK. I credit these achievements to my university as it offered me all these amazing opportunities and chances, all of which contributed immensely to my personal and professional growth.” 

2021 University of Jordan School of Medicine graduate Fahed Alkarmy used his degree to continue his education. Since graduating, he has earned the Higher specialisation in Ophthalmology. His next step is to do a fellowship in the US in an advanced subspecialty. 

Attend universities with excellent facilities to make your learning easier 

Jordan is home to some of the best healthcare universities in the Arab region. The latest QS Arab Region University Rankings 2022 features 20 Jordanian universities. The best performing of these is the University of Jordan, which ranks 10th in the Arab region. 

The school boasts excellent facilities for its healthcare students, even having its own university hospital – the first academic teaching hospital in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. One of the aims of the hospital, alongside the advancement of scientific and medical research and the provision of general and specialised medical care, is the training of students studying healthcare degrees at the university. Inside the university hospital, there are quiet rooms and libraries to help students study. 

“Healthcare students receive their training in the university’s hospital. They have full access to patients, clinics, and can receive all the information they need from employees in the hospital,” said Yara.  

Every student at the university also receives free health insurance and they can be treated by all doctors who work in the hospital for free as long as they have their student ID card. 

The University of Jordan has achieved several National and International Certificates of Excellence and Quality, which reflect the high quality of its healthcare degrees. These certificates include: the ISO Certificate, HACCP Certificate, HCAC National Quality and Safety Goals, Joint Commission International (JCI) and the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency.  

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to study at a university that offers all the facilities needed for its student to broaden their knowledge and experience to the biggest extent possible,” said Yara. 

Jordan is an academic hotspot and an exciting place to be a student 

Jordan has lots of attractions, drawing in tourists from all around the world, particularly to its capital city. Amman boasts spectacular Roman ruins such as the Citadel, Temple of Hercules and the Roman theatre, as well as plenty of museums, restaurants and malls. 

 “I consider Jordan the very perfect place to accommodate students’ lives and needs. Students have everything they might require, from restaurants, to libraries which offer the best resources for their courses and their materials, to dorms which are either inside campus or within walking distance – plus the fact that Jordan is considered a safe country,” said Yara. 

In addition to all of this, you are getting access to some of the world’s best educational institutions. Amman in considered to be an academic hotspot, with various services and facilities available for students to use. 

“Being a graduate of the University of Jordan gives me a sense of pride, and also highlights my CV,” said Fareza Alasbahi, who graduated from the University of Jordan’s School of Rehabilitation Sciences in 2021. 

“The university is one of the best and most highly accredited institutions, and the lecturers use evidence-based, up-to-date practices to teach students. For these reasons my degree has presented me with great opportunities and job offers,” she added. 

The University of Jordan’s academic staff are very skilled in what they do and have occupied high positions both locally and internationally. They integrate this practical experience into their teaching. 

“Having the chance to study a prestigious specialty in a prestigious educational edifice and being able to learn from the best professors in the country and benefit from their experiences doesn’t require a second thought,” said Yara.  

This article was originally published in October 2022 .

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