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8 Reasons to Drop Everything and Study in Jakarta

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It’s an unshakeable truth as unavoidable as taxes that a higher education degree opens the door to a decent career in the future. The fact university is inescapably important doesn’t mean you have to spend three years studying at an institution down the road from home though.

Moving halfway across the world to study in English at a world-class university has become exceedingly normal, with elite Indonesian universities clambering up the world university rankings and offering new scholarships and programs in English to cater to students from abroad with itchy feet.

Considering your own move to a new country? Here are eight reasons we think you should drop everything and study in Jakarta.

1. Get a chance to drive your scooter around town like a local

Indonesia has the third largest motorcyclist population in the world, and its capital isn’t exempt from the sea of ojek flitting in and out of traffic jams. Kill time between lectures and explore Indonesia by motorcycle because it’s a) an experience and b) very affordable. You could probably rent a motorcycle for about US$5 a day, which beats paying for the train.

2. Watch the world’s most acidic lake spit blue flames into the night

Situated in East Java, Ijen crater lake is the most acidic lake on earth, and it’s known for emitting stunning flames of blue fire that erupt as the lake burns sulfuric gases. The phenomenon occurs day and night, but it’s only perceptible in the darkness.

3. Gaze upon the majestic beauty of Indonesia, your legs dangling 18,000 feet up in the air

If paragliding and adventure tourism sound like things you might be interested in, why not get all that wanderlust out of your system at the same time as receiving an education? Indonesia’s islands offer some of the most beautiful sights in the world and are full of tourists practicing watersports. You could be one of them.

4. Jakarta has a slick startup scene

Complete work experience at a sleek Indonesian startup. A new generation of internet entrepreneurs has sprung up in Jakarta and Bali, as Asian investors turn to Indonesia for its technology and market. A couple of years back, the online retailer Tokopedia received US$100 million in startup funding and the popular beauty network Female Daily raised US$1 million. If you’re interested in Indonesian entrepreneurship, watch Monocle’s lush documentary on the subject here.

5. The world’s most dedicated foodies are in Jakarta.

Jakarta is absolutely full of third-wave coffee joints, leafy brunch places, retro restaurants serving Chinese-Indonesian cuisine and elaborate nasi goreng restaurants. If food’s your only vice, you'll fit right in. Explore some of the best places to tuck away in Jakarta here.

6. The nightlife is incredible

To cater to its growing expat community, Jakarta boasts a string of new rooftop bars, speakeasies, cocktail bars and beer gardens. Check out a guide to Indonesian nightlife and some of its best spots here.

7. You could study in English at a world-class university

Based in Jakarta, BINUS university has achieved the maximum five QS stars in social responsibility, inclusiveness, teaching, employability and facilities. BINUS is also a leading Indonesian university to have made it to the QS regional rankings for Asia. They offer degrees taught in English in a wide range of subjects, such as international business, computer science, accounting and finance and fashion design.

8. Get a free ride through college

BINUS university in Jakarta offers 10 scholarships to deserving students with leadership potential. To be eligible, you would need a high school certificate, a GPA of at least 3.0 and a TOEFL score of at least 500 or an IELTS of at least 6.0. Find out about international study and scholarships at BINUS here.

So, what are you waiting for?

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