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Best Places to Interview For a Job in the US

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Did you hear about the man in Massachusetts who made a quick stop during a police chase to apply for a job? While on the run, the man entered an Osprey Wireless shop to ask whether they were hiring and filled out an application. General Manager Jeff Moran later said the man was as "cool as a cucumber, no sweaty hands, and clean shirt”.

Most people aren’t naturally blessed with his quiet confidence however. In fact, for many of us, job interviews can be the most intimidating, nerve-racking encounters of our lives. Fortunately, some interviewers truly go out of their way to make every job applicant feel comfortable and confident, running a highly professional recruitment process from start to finish.

Want an interview experience that’s more heaven than hell? Glassdoor have published their annual ranking of the best places to interview, which takes the interview experience of applicants into account, as well as the interview difficulty and process. If you want to apply for somewhere that knows how to look after its prospective employees, here are the ten best companies to apply for.

1. Dignity Health

93% of respondents described their interview experience with the healthcare nonprofit Dignity Health positively. Interview questions tend to be fairly straight-forward, with an average score of 2.7 out of five for difficulty, while the recruitment process takes an average of 21 days.

A social worker at Dignity Health in Redding, California, said: “Panel with four people, lasted approximately one hour, they took turns reading questions that focused on my behaviors within past experiences (e.g. when x happened, how did you handle it). Very relaxed, welcoming environment.”

2. Horizon Media

91% of respondents said their interview experience with the marketing and advertising firm Horizon Media was a positive one. Questions are reasonably challenging, with a difficulty rating of 2.9, while hiring occurs fairly rapidly, with the recruitment process lasting an average of 17 days.

A QA analyst at Horizon Media in New York City described their interview in very glowing terms: “The interview process was very inviting, they try very hard to ensure you are comfortable the whole way. The communication during the process is also incredible. One of the best interview experiences I have had thus far.”

3. Cadence Design Systems

86% of people who interviewed at the Californian tech firm Cadence Design Systems rated the experience positively. Interview questions were generally fairly straightforward, with an average difficulty rating of 2.5, while the hiring process lasts roughly 23 days.

One respondent, who unsuccessfully applied for an engineering role, said: “A call was scheduled for 30-45 mins the next day. This was a kind of background check from the same person. In the following week, four calls were scheduled (as I live outside of USA), one each day for 45 mins to one hour.”

4. Salesforce

85% of Salesforce interviewees would agree their interview experience with the customer service platform was favourable. The hiring process at the company typically lasts around 35 days, and interviews are generally deemed to be quite challenging, with an average difficulty rating of 3.5.

One successful applicant said: “Seven rounds from first phone interview to last executive interview. Presentations included where I had to act out a pitch to a panel of three managers. They really get to know your personality and want to see how well you can pitch their product.”

This year, Salesforce came 17th in Glassdoor’s list of the best US companies to work for and 15th in Glassdoor’s list of the highest rated CEOs.

5. J. Crew


83% of respondents said their interview experience with retailer J. Crew was positive. Overall, the hiring process is very rapid, lasting just nine days on average. Interview questions are generally fairly simple, with an average difficulty score of two.

A stylist for J. Crew in Bloomington remembers a “brief process; Sitting down with the HR manager discussing past employment and any skills you think would help you selling product/ styling clients. Takes about 20 mins, and they are very friendly. They want responsible employees who show up on time, can connect with customers and the more open your schedule is the better!”

6. SSM Health

83% of respondents had positive things to say about the healthcare non-profit SSM Health. Overall, hiring is very rapid, with the recruitment process lasting 13 days on average. Interviews questions are deemed to be fairly straightforward, with a difficulty rating of 2.6.

A nurse technician at SSM Health living in Oklahoma City said: “I had a phone interview with HR and he decided to send me to the hiring manager of the floor. From there, the interview went really well. We talked for a really long time and it was very comfortable.”

7. General Mills

82% said their interview experience with the food manufacturer General Mills was positive, with the hiring process lasting around 22 days. Interviews questions are generally fairly challenging, with a difficulty rating of 3.3.

A marketing associate at General Mills, living in Golden Valley, Minnesota, said: “I was asked to complete a personality/behavioral assessment and a Deductive Reasoning Test. Combined they took about one hour. I recommend practicing the deductive reasoning test as it was very challenging [...] On the day of the interview I was greeted by HR and walked directly to my first of two 30-40 minute interviews. [...] After these two interviews I was given a goodie bag and sent on my way.”

8. LUSH North America

81% had good things to say about their interview with cosmetics brand LUSH. Hiring generally occurs very quickly, with the recruitment process lasting around 13 days. Interviews are generally deemed fairly simple, with a difficulty rating of 2.5.

One unsuccessful applicant for a sales associate role said: “The interview took the form of a ‘hiring party’. It was essentially a group interview - there were about 15 other people besides me. The manager in training explained some of the background on Lush, asked us a few basic questions in a group setting, and had us partner up and do a product demo on our partner while they watched and gave tips. Overall very laid-back and fun…”

9. JetBlue

Airline JetBlue scored well with 81% of job applicants, although you should be aware that the hiring process is slower than other companies featured in this list, with an average length of 46 days. Interview questions are reasonable, with a difficulty rating of 2.8.

One applicant for a talent acquisition role with JetBlue, said: “A lot of questions were personal about my education and background. Not a lot of emphasis on relevant experience.

“They 100% use the STAR approach. Know the company values, know why you want to work there, and be specific about why JetBlue stands out from its competitors in regards to how it values its employees and customers equally.”

This year, JetBlue also came seventh in Glassdoor’s list of the highest rated CEOs.

10. QuikTrip

Finally, convenience store chain QuikTrip complete the top 10, with 80% of applicants approving of the interview experience. Hiring is very rapid at this company, with the recruitment process lasting an average of just 10 days. Interview questions are also generally fairly simple, with a difficulty rating of just 2.3.

An assistant manager in Tempe, Arizona, said: “The interviewer was energetic, fun, and helped ease my nervousness. He asked simple questions about my experience and certain supervisory situations, and how I handled them. Just think back on your prior accomplishments and answer them as best as you can. Be positive and smart, and let it be known that you can handle the hard work, while making customer service a priority, that's very very important to QT. Fast and friendly customer service! They like hiring the best, so be sure to express that in your demeanor and presentation”.

This year, QuikTrip also came 48th in Glassdoor’s list of the best places to work and 28th in Glassdoor’s list of the highest rated CEOs.

What about you? We’re interested in your stories! What was your best/worst interview ever? Comment below to share your experiences…


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