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Read the latest posts from our bloggers, and have your own say on everything from student dating etiquette to the world’s coolest university libraries. Does reputation really matter when choosing a university? Is there such thing as the perfect student job? And what’s the worst thing you could do in an admissions interview? Discuss...


17 Feelings You’ll Have Starting University main image
Here are just a few of the several million feelings you will have when starting university for the first time.
Should Universities ‘Go Vegan’ to Help Tackle Climate Change? main image
16 Sep 2019 by Chloe Lane
Following several UK universities’ switch to veganism to reduce their environmental footprint, we ask whether this is the best way for universities help solve the climate...
7 Books to Read if You're a History Student main image
12 Sep 2019 by Chloe Lane
If you’re looking for some great books to support and inspire your history studies, we’ve devised a list of seven of the best history books out there!
9 Practical Things To Do When You Start Univeristy  main image
06 Sep 2019 by Chloe Lane
Find out what practical things you need to get in order before the fun begins at uni!
Can I Still Enjoy University if I Don’t Drink Alcohol? main image
04 Sep 2019 by Chloe Lane
Is it possible to enjoy university if you don’t drink? We explore both sides.
Why the Societies I Joined Defined My University Experience main image
04 Sep 2019 by Chloe Lane
Joining a university society can be nerve-racking. Read about my experience with societies in university.