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Steffen K
1 year ago
Can you answer this question?

2 Answers


Hi Steffen, thanks for your comment. I've now fixed the broken links on the Top Universities in Germany article and updated the ranking position of TU Dresden, as the position of joint 281st is correct.

I've also reported the error regarding there being no university in 198th position on the table, and the university ranked 201st appearing in the top 200. This is being investigated, and I'll let you know when it's resolved.

Thank you. Most universities did not change their positions from June to October.  This "old" position 195 (score 48.1) of June 2017 is still shown in the app for smartphones. As TU Dresden has a supergood tendency in all global rankings (always Top 200 with the only exception of QS where it was downgraded in opposition to all other rankings) I am still optimistic that the next QS update will go towards Top 200 and better again. My hope was that 281 is from another year, not 2018, and the fourth 195 would be more accurate than 281 as seen few years ago but I'm not an expert.
However, with 3*195 followed by 199 there's a fourth 195 or one 198 missing, obviously. Carlos 3 de Madrid is also placed at 281 but without the = symbol.
Best regards. 

No problem Steffen. Thanks for also raising the issue regarding TU Dresden's old position still showing on the app, I've reported this as well. We should have these issues fixed soon.