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7 years ago
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hello !!! i believe that it's as normal as possible to try to save. yes, and in general, saving is student life. we are not rich people we are not yet 40 and have our own business. therefore, saving is our life. i save on the fact - 1. i cook at home and take food with m. 2. i leave all the money at home so that there is no temptation to spend it. and many other life hacks

I try to bring my own food and not to buy outside. In this case I save quite much

I don't think it is a shame because we are students so we save because we haven't gone to work yet 

I do online surveys when I've got a bit of spare time - it depens who you do them with but some offer rewards in the form of vouchers and others offer money. Some of the ones that pay you will only let you claim your rewards once they're at a certain amount but if you check it everyday they'll soon mount up!
Bulk cooking foods like pasta and couscous is also a good idea. Cook up a big batch at the beginning of the week and you can use it for lunches which will save you paying hefty prices in the campus shop or the canteen. Have a look at Pinterest for some recipe ideas - there's loads! If you're not a great cook or you're pressed for time, bringing your own sandwiches or whatever is still cheaper than buying them ready made in the canteen. 
I also try not to take my card with me when I'm out too. I'll take a bit of cash out each week (I'll work out what I can afford for the month) and when it's gone, that's it until next week. It goes double for nights out too - it'll stop you going over the top when the booze tells you you've infinite funds in your account!
Doing your food shop online (or any other shop really) is also good because you can use voucher codes and cashback sites to either get a little off or get a little back. Just make sure you're not tempted by any sales or special offers on the things you don't really need! I use this one most of the time: https://www.myfavouritevouchercodes.co.uk/ but there's loads out there!
I also take advantage of the library for heating too to save on my bills - I'm glad it's not just me! Plus you can make use of the campus Wi-Fi too! :) 

I'm in Spain. Our snacks by and large are the meats and rice. It isn't just pricy yet in addition makes me languid in the wake of completing it.