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6 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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I use free aptitude tests things like https://www.wikijob.co.uk/content/aptitude-tests and Youtube streaming study channels with Pomodoro counters and so on. How does this save me money? It helps me study and avoid distractions like nothing else, which considering education is often so expensive anyway increases my chances of actually making some money at the end of it all, peace folks.

thanks for the resource. will copy the link to my twitter

my experience maybe is unhealthy.
I'm in China. Our lunches generally are the meats and rice.  It is not only pricy( 10yuan +), but also makes me very sleepy after finishing it. So, I decide to buy one or two steemed stuffed buns as the lunch(3 or 5 yuan ). Quickly finishing it and going to the library to study. 

I am studying business - fully online and i use free hotspots or public wifi to collect materials and i commit exams there. So, i do not need a stationary wifi at home. 

Nice variants. While studying I saved money and could buy an apartment in Paris. So if you have an aim and you want it you can get it! 

This continued on forever and ever. Those examples sure do work.