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Michael S
3 months ago
Can you answer this question?

3 Answers


Have your considered Denmark? It's free to study here and the quality of studies is really high

Really? I need more info regarding this.

Hi Norman, you can find out more about studying in Denmark here

My question has been published unfinished (I do not know how it happened, and apparently I cannot edit it, therefore, I will finish my question here).
So, these are the 4 countries I have picked: Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Canada. As for the latter two, they still may be quite expensive for me. I picked these countries because it seems to me (after some research) that it is more likely to find a job there after graduation. Also, these countries are not very expensice (Germany and the Netherlands) when it comes to studying and living.
The question is what country do you think will it be easier to migrate to after my graduation in Russia. And is it worth trying to apply for master's degree at all?