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Breda University of Applied Sciences



Breda University of Applied Sciences is a government-funded higher education institute with more than 7,000 students from some 100 countries. We offer bachelor’s and master’s programmes in the domains of Games, Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics, Built Environment, Tourism and Leisure & Events.

At Breda University of AppliedSciences, the combination of state-of-the-art education, relevant research, andcooperation with international businesses ensures that our students earn morethan just a degree. They are given the opportunity to develop the relevantskills and experiences in order to integrate seamlessly into the modern globalmarket or start their own businesses through our entrepreneurship program andstart-up accelerator. Our institute is attuned to the needs and demands oflocal, national, and international organisations, because we work in closecooperation with them.

Breda University of AppliedSciences is specialised in small-scale, high-quality education, where thepersonal development of students comes first. Our curricula areinnovative andglobally oriented. Within the educational field of tourism/leisure/events/hospitality,we are not only the largest in the world, we are also highly accredited.

Thesuccess we enjoy as an educational institute is due to our focus on creatingan academically excellent learningenvironment for all: students, researchers, graduates, and executives. In ourmultidisciplinary learning communities, we encourage everyone to takeinitiative and explore new opportunities. Moreover, we embrace diversity ofboth people and education, as this enriches our university community andfosters an open, inclusive environment where people can collaboratively learn,work, and serve.

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