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Palacký University in Olomouc

  • SIZE> 12,000 students

  • AGEMature

  • STATUS Private


  • FOCUS Comprehensive


Palacký University, founded in 1573, is the second oldest University in Czech Republic. Thanks to its tradition and today´s performance it occupies significant place in Czech and Central European education, culture and research. The University comprises eight faculties, specialized research centres and institutes. With almost 23 000 students the University provides quality education in many academic disciplines. It offers more than 250 accredited Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral study programmes. The main language of instruction is Czech, nevertheless the University also provides courses and study programmes in foreign languages as well as joint degrees in cooperation with other international universities. The University is experienced in offering various lifelong learning programmes, including university for aged people or children. Palacký University is modern research university. Recently, significant University international research centres have been established. The modern facilities and opportunities for research have attracted both foreign and domestic scientists. The Science and Technology Park of the University has been stimulating transformation of results of scientific activities into the commercial sphere. The University participates in many international programmes and projects of cooperation and research. It has about 300 partner institutions in 28 European countries and 60 bilateral cooperation agreements around the world.

  • 29.4
    Faculty Student
  • 27.7
    International Faculty
  • 21.1
    International Students
  • 37.8
    Academic Reputation
  • 68.6
    Citations per Paper
  • 55.7
    Employer Reputation
  • 76
    H-index Citations
EECA University Rankings
  • 59.30
    Overall Score
  • 50.9
    Academic Reputation
  • 40.2
    Employer Reputation
  • 38.6
    Faculty Student
  • 80.7
    Faculty Staff with PhD
  • 69.4
    Papers per Faculty
  • 99.6
    Citations per Paper
  • 86.6
    International Faculty
  • 50
    International Students
  • 79.5
    Web Impact
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Number of academic faculty staff

In total

Number of students

Postgraduate 28%
Undergraduate 72%

Number of international students

Postgraduate 23%
Undergraduate 77%
The numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by QS Intelligence Unit.
The numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by QS Intelligence Unit.