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2,000 USD - 4,000 USD

Radboud University has a personalized approach both in education and in all communication with all of its (prospective) students. In 2009, the European Commission stated that Radboud University has “an impressive range of activities for outgoing and incoming studies and a high sense of concern for the quality.” For international students enrolling in an English-taught Bachelor's programmes, the International Office of Radboud University provides a special service package including a VISA, housing and social activities. The application for the service programme is included in the general admissions application.   

Radboud University’s English-taught Bachelor's programmes are:

·       Artificial Intelligence

·       Arts and Culture Studies

·       Chemistry

·       International Business Administration

·       International Business Communication

·       International Economics and Development

·       Molecular Life Sciences

·       Psychology

When you decide to come to Radboud University, you will be studying at one of the fastest rising Dutch universities in the international university rankings. Moreover, the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a professor and PhD student connected to Radboud University. Enrolling at a truly excellent institution, you will be guaranteed to be offered high-quality, research-based programmes.

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