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University of Brighton

A part of Brighton since 1859, the university has been guided by its original ethos to become the diverse, multidisciplinary institution that it is today. With 20,700 students studying across five campuses in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, the university community demonstrates civic responsibility across the south coast and beyond. We are defined by a commitment to social relevance, steering our curriculum and research projects away from the ivory tower and toward the fulfilment of public good as a trusted partner. This not only involves active engagement with a local and global community but includes a coordinated effort toward creating an equal and sustainable environment within the university. This is based on the shared values of engagement, diversity, participation, collaboration and sustainability. We are the leading university for the professions, particularly medicine, nursing, engineering and pharmacy. Our courses, from undergraduate to research level and from the humanities to the natural sciences encourage students to apply their academic knowledge to the world beyond university in order to become active, fruitful members of their local communities. We endeavour to remain a trusted partner, believing that by building strong, effective and mutually beneficial relationships we are collectively stronger and better able to tackle the...
  • 68.7
    Academic Reputation
  • 51
    Employer Reputation
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