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B.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology

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  • Study Level Bachelors
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Required Courses: SOC 1033 The Sociological Imagination: An Introduction to Sociology SOC 2023 Statistics for the Social Sciences SOC 4113 Quantitative Methods of Sociological Research SOC 4123 Qualitative Methods of Sociological Research SOC 4193 Sociological Theory Description: Basic principles, concepts, theories, and research techniques. Topics include society and social change, social institutions, culture, and self-society relationships. Descriptive and inferential statistics. Frequency distributions, central tendency, variability, simple regression and correlation, and hypothesis testing. Models and interpretation of results. Prerequisite: MATH 1053 or two years of high school algebra. Credit will not be given for both this course and STAT 2013. Techniques of gathering and analyzing quantitative data and its use in developing and testing sociological ideas. Recommended for those planning advanced study in sociology or allied fields or employment in research agencies, consulting, business, government, or social services. Prerequisite: SOC 2023. Techniques of gathering, recording, and analyzing qualitative data. Emphasis on unstructured field observations, intensive interviewing, organized field notes, and generating theory through analysis. Prerequisite: SOC 1033 or permission of instructor. An examination of the core ideas of sociology, including their interconnections and central applications.

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