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3 reasons to consider studying an online master’s degree

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Keshala Jayawickrama

Updated Jun 06, 2024



How studying abroad in the UK can help to shape your career

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Thanks to technological advances over the last decade, online learning is becoming increasingly indistinguishable from on-campus education. Students anywhere in the world can now access the high quality of teaching offered by the world’s best institutions. 

​​Imperial College Business School (ICBS) has made significant investments in technology for education, and their​ Vice Dean (Education) Leila Guerra explained to us how this has benefited the cohort of students on their online programmes:​​ 

​​​“The online format means that the programme attracts many professionals who would otherwise struggle to take the time out for studying. We take action to create a cohesive cohort and the flexibility afforded by online delivery. ​​ 

​​​“The experience of being part of a global cohort that is locally based in countries all around the world, exposes students ​Click here to enter text.​to very diverse perspectives and experiences.​” 

​Here’s what students at Imperial College Business School say about the benefits of studying online and why they chose ICBS in particular. ​ 

A flexible programme that suits your needs

Karolina Ruiz Rogelj is a MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) student at Imperial. She told us: “Studying the part-time online programme has been a game-changer for me. I can comfortably complete the programme content and attend lectures from my home, in Barcelona.  

“The programme does an incredible job in managing workload and time management. Live classes are offered in the mornings and afternoons, allowing me to choose the optimal time for me.” 

That flexibility to fit studies around other commitments is also a significant factor for Milton Caluya, an MSc Business Analytics ​(online, part-time) ​student at Imperial College Business School. 

He told us: “I preferred an online programme as my wife and I both work in Singapore and relocating was not an option."

“I needed to be able to study at my own pace and not have to attend all live classes. I didn’t want to undertake a programme that would majorly affect my personal commitments.” 

Tailor the curriculum to your career plans

That flexibility also applies to your learning when studying online, as access to a greater range of possible study options means a higher likelihood of finding a programme that perfectly matches your career goals. 

For example, Milton was attracted to the online programme at Imperial College Business School because, “it was important to me to find a Business Analytics programme that focused not only on tools and technology, but also offered a mix of business and maths.” 

In Karolina’s experience, studying online meant she could find a programme which ticked every box in terms of her personal and professional development. 

She said: “Although I’m working towards becoming a leader in marketing and communications in the technology space, I also want to nourish my own personal and creative projects. I believe that this programme will provide me with a foundation for both interests.  

“For my corporate interests, for example, I’m really looking forward to taking electives such as ‘Leadership’, ‘Effective Crisis Management’ and ‘Emerging Technologies in Marketing’, which I believe will build a foundation for my leadership aspirations.” 

Exposure to high-quality teaching from renowned faculty

Improvements in online learning provision now mean that there’s little difference, if any, between the learning experience for students online and on campus. 

Karolina told us: “The professors make all of the difference. They each have an incredibly interesting background and really practiced what they preached in their own career."

“For the Strategic Market Management module, our ​​professor James Eteen not only presented his experience but also interviewed marketing icons in the field and how they used theories in the module to transform their organisations."

“That was one of my favourite modules because it reinforced the importance of learning from each other and mixing theory with creativity.” 

Studying online and part-time also means being able to apply what’s taught in the classroom to your professional career immediately, a factor which has been a big positive for Milton. 

He said: “I learned more optimal Python coding methods from our professors. Being able to apply them immediately at work allows me to retain the knowledge better [than if studying full-time].” 


If you’re looking for a way to study flexibly at one of the best business schools in the world, learning from highly regarded faculty and being part of a supportive, global cohort of fellow students then an online master’s degree means you can easily get the dream academic experience without needing to relocate or leave your current full-time job. 

When asked for her advice for prospective applicants to Imperial College Business School, Karolina said: “Take a chance, be yourself, and apply. It doesn’t matter what background you have, how old you are or where you come from, the cohort is a mix of people of all ages and backgrounds.  

“From the people to the programme content, I can confidently say that it has been an incredibly rewarding and transformative experience so far and I know it will be for you too.”