Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Program By Centro de Estudios Universitarios |Top Universities
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Objective:
Train and develop professionals with knowledge and a critical and innovative sense capable of optimizing the human, material, financial and economic resources that the organization of which they are part has, oriented to direct and manage efficiently and effectively using the techniques and tools that it provides. knowledge of the administration.
Work field:
You can develop within both national and international private companies, in the public sector, as an independent advisor or consultant or create your own company.
  • General administration of private or public companies
  • Development in the area of ​​planning, organization, integration, direction and control of national and international companies
  • National or international negotiations
  • Administration of the areas of finance, production and human resources
  • Consulting or professional advice in organizational diagnoses
  • Development of business strategic plans
  • Design and implementation of organizational structures
  • Oriented to decision making, development of strategic plans, prepared to face the challenges of globalization and to respond to the competitiveness needs that the labor market demands.