Veterinarian and Zootechnician Program By Centro de Estudios Universitarios |Top Universities
  • Degree Other
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Study Mode On Campus
  • Course Intensity Full Time
  • Fees(USD) 14842-
  • Scholarships Yes
  • Start date Sep

Veterinarian and Zootechnician


Train medical personnel in the livestock area to monitor and develop care and feeding systems for livestock or breeding animals, for human food or for those who, being domestic, require attention and care.

Graduate Profile

  • Plan, design and manage veterinary clinical services.
  • Define and determine care for livestock.
  • Delimit and identify livestock pathologies.
  • Improve agricultural production.
  • Develop and implement productive livestock or agricultural policies.
  • Structure food production systems.
  • Advise agricultural businesses.
  • Evaluate and diagnose animal health states.
  • Develop fattening programs and grassland research.
  • Detect and propose preventive health programs.
  • Lead groups of people in medical campaigns.
  • Supervise sanitary controls.
  • Plan, design and operate production ranches.

Work field:

Head of veterinary clinic, manager of ranches and farms, consultant in food processing companies.

Health Sector:
Director of the anti-rabies campaign, dengue fever, etc.

Livestock Area:
Livestock manager, livestock feed supervisor.

Educational Sector:
Teacher and researcher

Public or Private Organizations:
Director, coordinator or head of teaching in training programs and continuous updating.