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Ravensbourne’s innovative and leading-edge Masters courses in the digital technologies will help advance your career and hone your skills and knowledge in an ever-changing digital world. Studying for a postgraduate degree at Ravensbourne enables you to explore in-depth your particular specialism, whilst engaging in opportunities for collaboration with other disciplines across the postgraduate community. Our multi-disciplinary environment, technology and resources will help you challenge existing digital media and design principles, and identify new ideas and ways of thinking. All our courses are designed to enhance your capabilities creatively and contextually. You will further your practical skills, contextual knowledge and undertake rigorous intellectual enquiry in your chosen discipline. Collaborative learning and working methods are positively encouraged, and you will benefit from a network of internal and external specialists who can help develop your practice and abilities.
  • 69.00
    Overall Score
  • 70.9
    Academic Reputation
  • 51.5
    Employer Reputation
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