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Department of Industrial Engineering

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The Department of Industrial Engineering (IE) was established in 2001, and it is one of the youngest departments at Tsinghua University. The undergraduate program of this department was ranked top 10 compared to other IE programs in U.S. by an international review committee in 2011. The department was ranked No. 1 in China in many successive years. The mission of this department is ‘To become world class leaders in industrial engineering research and education, which contributes to increased gross national productivity, increased quality of life, and increased standard of living in China and around the world.’ This department is featured in the following aspects: 1st, international program assessments are conducted periodically to guarantee high level curriculums; 2nd,Classical English textbooks are adopted in all core courses;3rd, implementation of advanced engineering education concepts, and advocation of innovation-oriented teaching; 4th, international learning environment for students. The department widely promotes international collaborations, such as Tsinghua-Aachen Joint Master Program, Tsinghua-Georgia Tech summer courses, and student international internship program. All graduate students have experiences on international academic activities.

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