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Universidad Veracruzana

  • SIZE> 12,000 students

  • AGEMature

  • STATUS Private


  • FOCUS Comprehensive

Universidad Veracruzana (UV) is the main public university for the state of Veracruz in Mexico,distributed throughout the state in 5 large regional campuses. UV outstands in research, variety of academic, cultural and artistic programs, offering 76 postgraduate (PhD and Masters) and 150 undergraduate degree programs to over 70,000 students. The University is an exemplary regional leader in Latin America in social responsibility by providing equal access to higher education, outreach services to some of the poorest communities, fostering small businesses for local development, providing relevant education for indigenous students in local native languages and promoting sustainable development and environmentally sound practices. UV is home to 32 research centers and technology laboratories in various fields, including Nanotechnology, Neuroethology, Tropical Sciences, Historic and Social Sciences, Education, Linguistics and Literature, and Fine Arts; an Anthropology Museum that houses over 25,000 masterpieces of Pre-Hispanic art, which have featured in exhibits worldwide; an editorial house is renowned for early publications of Gabriel García Márquez (Nobel Prize, 1982), Octavio Paz (Nobel Prize, 1990), Luis Cernuda, José Revueltas, Juan Vicente Melo, and Sergio Pitol (Cervantes Prize, 2005); and since 1994 the UV organizes an annual international university book fair.
LatAm University Rankings
  • 41.10
    Overall Score
  • 46.1
    Academic Reputation
  • 41.1
    Faculty Student
  • 29.9
    Citations per Paper
  • 15.6
    Papers per Faculty
  • 77.2
    International Research Network
  • 33.1
    Faculty Staff with PhD
  • 59.7
    Web Impact
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Undergraduate 97%
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