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BA in African and Afro - American Studies: African-American or the Americas

BA in African and Afro - American Studies: African-American or the Americas

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  • Degree BA
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Scholarships No
The department welcomes all members of the student body who have an interest in Africa and/or African America. The major is arranged through consultation with the departmental adviser or another professor. Majors may ask for guidance in the selection of elective courses with related content or approach within their chosen disciplines. The African and Afro-American Studies Department is multidisciplinary with some of its faculty holding joint appointments in other departments. The department brings together scholars and scholarship from various disciplines to explore the cultures, histories and societies of African and African descended people. The department’s offerings range across the traditional fields of anthropology, economics, history, literature, music, politics. The field of African and Afro-American Studies is not only multidisciplinary, but also interdisciplinary, comparative and cross-cultural. The disciplines are integrated by certain themes that underscore the uniqueness of the department. First, the AAAS subject matter focuses on African peoples and their cultures and those peoples of the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa who are descendants of Africans. Second, the AAAS department’s courses offer a non-western comparative, and a non-racial approach to the interpretations and understandings of the experiences of African peoples of the wider world social, economic, and political systems. Third, the AAAS courses broadens the scope and range of traditional disciplines and offer general education courses in which the knowledge of the presence, roles, and cultural contributions and experiences of African peoples and their descendants have been omitted or neglected. The AAAS variety of course offerings affirms the intellectual importance of research and scholarship of the contribution of peoples of African descent globally. In sharing the University’s commitment to academic excellence, the AAAS department provides students with the requisite tools to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate events and phenomena that structure the experiences and possibilities of Africans in the continent of Africa and its diaspora. This program based on African-American or the Americas. In addition to African-American or the Americas, there are History, Arts, Social Sciences, Africa also available.

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