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Bachelor of Arts in Music - Composition Track

Bachelor of Arts in Music - Composition Track

Brandeis University

Brandeis University, Waltham, United States
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The Department of Music offers a broad-based undergraduate major that combines the study of history, theory, composition, and performance. The core of the program consists of two years of theory (with associated labs that provide further training in the musicianship skills necessary for all musical endeavors), three semesters of the history of Western music, participation in University ensemble, and three electives chosen from a broad array of topics. Students may, if desired, opt for one of five specialized tracks within the music major or work with a faculty adviser to propose an alternate program in accordance with their own interests. Composition The track in composition, open to qualified students, develops skills in composition and analysis through courses in composition selected in consultation with the faculty adviser. Learning Goals The learning goals for the Music Department are based on an integrated approach to the study of music, encompassing a number of perspectives: Music as a technical discipline, with its own notation, materials and forms. Music as an artifact of different historical periods, cultures and societies, both Western and non-Western, in written as well as oral traditions. The practice of music in the context of both performance and composition. Music as expression and communication, fostering a deeply sympathetic understanding of peoples, a sense of community, and a humane and tolerant outlook on the world. In addition to the general requirements for the Music Major, students may enrich their experience by choosing to pursue one of five specialized tracks offered by the Department. Whichever route a student follows, course-work is built on three essential ways of knowing about and experiencing the field of music. COMPOSITION TRACK In addition to the core requirements of the Music Major, students work closely with the Composition Track advisor to choose electives that focus on the skills necessary to create new works of music. Students in this track employ their knowledge of musical form and function, their awareness of genres and historical trends, and their familiarity with performance issues to develop their creative expression. Upon graduation, students in this track will be prepared to pursue graduate degrees in composition.

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