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Combined B.A./M.A. in Chemistry

Combined B.A./M.A. in Chemistry

Brandeis University

Brandeis University, Waltham, United States
  • QS World University Rankings
  • Degree Other
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months
  • Scholarships No
Candidates for departmental honors may be admitted to a special four-year BA/MA program upon recommendation of the department and the Graduate School. Application must be made by May 1 preceding the senior year. Students must complete requirements A-D as described in the requirements for the BA. Additionally, the following requirements must also be completed: A. Two semesters of CHEM 99d (Senior Research); GPA of 3.00 or higher in all courses taken to meet the major requirements, including laboratories. A thesis describing the research must be submitted and accepted by the department. B. One 130-level organic chemistry course. C. One 140-level physical chemistry course. The overall BA/MA course selection must include CHEM 141a and 142a. D. One 100-level chemistry course OR one of CHEM 39b, 49a, 59b, or 69a. E. Two other 100-level courses from the School of Science. F. Candidates for the BA/MA degree should take Physics 11a,b or 15a,b. However, students with strong interests in synthetic or biological chemistry may petition the department undergraduate studies committee to substitute PHYS 10a,b for the PHYS 11a,b/15a,b requirement. For further information students should discuss their proposed program with the undergraduate advising head. The five courses in sections B-E may not also be counted toward the BA requirements. Grades of B- or higher are required in the 100-level science courses. Candidates should carefully read the section “Dual Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Programs” under the heading “Special Academic Opportunities,” which appears earlier in this Bulletin. Most notable are the three-year residence requirement and the required total of thirty-eight courses, only four of which may come from AP/IB credits, consistent with university regulations.

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