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BA in Education

BA in Education

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The Education Program offers several different undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduate students are able to select a path to pursue either education studies (major or minor) or teacher education (minor in preschool, elementary, middle, or high school teaching). For students who have already earned an undergraduate degree, the Brandeis Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program offers concentrations in elementary teaching (public or Jewish day school) or secondary—middle or high school—teaching (biology, chemistry, Chinese, English, history, mathematics, physics, or Bible/Tanakh). For a more complete description of the education program, please consult the program's Web site, Any undergraduate at Brandeis may begin fulfilling requirements of the major or minor at any time, without formal admission. However, it is strongly recommended that students who are considering the education program meet with an education program advisor during their first year in order to plan for program requirements. Permission, which is required to enroll in the education studies major or minor and the teacher education minor, should be sought no later than when a student has completed two education courses. Learning Goals Critical Understandings: Students completing the Education Studies major will be able to: Understand schools in various contexts (e.g. cultural, historical, economic, and political), and be able to articulate the ethical and civic dimensions of schooling; Think critically about educational opportunity, equity, and achievement in relation to race/ethnicity, social class, gender, and disability; Analyze teaching and learning, education and schooling, and student growth and development through various disciplinary lenses; Use educational research skills to investigate educational issues and challenges.

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