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BS in Computer Science

BS in Computer Science

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  • Degree BS
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Scholarships No
The undergraduate program in computer science teaches the theoretical fundamentals and practical aspects of computing, preparing students for creative jobs in the computer industry and/or for graduate school. In addition, our curriculum is a stimulating and useful preparation for a number of indirectly related professions, such as law, medicine, and economics. Computing is a broad field that extends well beyond the boundaries of computer science, drawing its foundations from a wide variety of disciplines. Computer science increasingly plays a methodological role in other disciplines and the impact of technology is a significant subject of study in fields like political science and journalism. Majors in computer science learn to utilize concepts from many different fields, integrate theory and practice, and appreciate the value of good engineering design. They develop a high-level understanding of systems as a whole and an appreciation for the structure of computer systems, and the processes involved in their construction and analysis, that transcends the implementation details of the various components. They attain an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline and how that theory influences practice. Many recurring themes such as abstraction, complexity, and evolutionary change are encountered during their course of study. Students are also educated as engineers, learning how to design, develop and maintain, large complex software systems and applications, integrating them into workplaces, and developing interfaces to them that support human use. Given the rapid continuous development of the field, majors are educated to be lifelong learners. In recognition of the increasing significance of computer science as an important discipline for many students throughout the university, the department also offers a selection of courses relevant to students majoring in other disciplines or students double majoring in computer science and another concentration. Several courses enable students to develop skills and understanding of web technology and the impact of the Internet on society. Other courses provide students with the relevant skills and knowledge for assessing the adoption of new technology within an organization. Non-majors can learn the computing and modeling skills that support their work in their core discipline. Students in the social sciences can learn how the skills and methods from their core discipline are relevant for the development of user friendly technology, or the introduction of technology into the workplace.

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