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MA in Economics

MA in Economics

Rice University

Rice University, Houston, United States
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Program Learning Outcomes for MA in Economics Students graduating from this program will: Learn mathematical, statistical, econometric and computational tools to carry out independent research in economics. Write an independent and original dissertation that is of sufficient quality to merit publication in a top economics journal. Conduct a focused review of the literature and develop a research design to carry out independent research. Learn to defend their research design and modeling choices by presenting their paper in a seminar environment. Communicate their research effectively by writing clearly, concisely and cogently. Read critically and assess research manuscripts related to their field of study and in other fields. Degree Requirements for MA in Economics Preparation for PhD Program. Applicants to the PhD program should have a strong background in mathematics and statistics. All applicants are required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Requirements. For general university requirements, see Graduate Degrees. Candidates for the PhD usually spend from two to two and a half years in full-time course work and at least one year writing the dissertation; five years is a reasonable goal for completing the program. For the PhD, students must: Attend the statistics and mathematics camp before starting their first year courses. Complete an approved program of at least eighteen courses (including approved courses in other departments) no more than four of which are research workshops. At least two years of full-time study must be in residence at Rice. Perform satisfactorily on the written general exams in economic theory and econometrics. Write a research paper proposal before the start of their third year. Write and present a research paper before the end of their third year. Choose a dissertation advisor by the end of their seventh semester. Attend a research workshop every semester after their first year and present own research in a workshop once every year after their second year. Although students are not normally admitted to study for an MA, graduate students may earn the MA along the way to the PhD. In order to obtain a Master’s Degree in Economics, a student must pass the first year core courses with an average of 2.67 or better, and complete six field courses with any passing grade.