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B.A. in Architecture

B.A. in Architecture

Rice University

Rice University, Houston, United States
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Program Learning Outcomes for BA in Architecture Students graduating from this program will: Formulate architectural projects that integrate design skills with critical thinking, engaging broader theoretical, social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental issues. Explore how technology, issues of the environment, and construction inform innovative design solutions. Strategize the relationship of architectural concepts, communication and representation techniques, and construction technology can innovate practice. Degree Requirements for BA in Architecture The BA in Architecture, leading to a BArch degree, is the primary undergraduate architecture program at Rice. Students who apply and are accepted into the University and the School of Architecture enter directly into this program. The required courses for the Major of a BA in Architecture leading to a BArch consist of four integrated sequences in the following areas: Design Studios, History and Theory, Technology, and Practice. Courses in these sequences must be taken in the order and semesters specified by the School of Architecture. The curriculum for this professional degree program sequence has three two-year long stages. The first stage provides a foundation sequence in design, history and theory, and technology taken in the first and second years. Students are also expected to fulfill the majority of University general distribution requirements during these two years. The curriculum is designed to provide an intensive focus on architecture, while allowing each student to receive a broad education and to pursue other interests. At the end of the first stage, students apply for the approval of their Major in Architecture by the School of Architecture. Approval is based on academic performance and demonstrated aptitude. The second intermediate stage occurs in the third and fourth years. Students complete the courses required for the major of a BA in Architecture, remaining university requirements, and take electives through which each student can develop his or her particular interests in the field and in other areas. In their fourth year, students pursue a design research sequence through a seminar in the fall that is linked to the spring studio. At the end of this stage, and with the completion of all major and university requirements, students graduate, receiving the degree of a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. The third and final stage consists of the Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) degree (see below) and includes the year of Preceptorship. The BArch is only open to students who have completed the first four years at the Rice School of Architecture and who apply for admission into this stage of the program during their fourth year. As with the approval for Major two years prior, approval is based on academic performance and demonstrated aptitude. Notes for the BA in Architecture: All Courses above must be taken in the sequence and semester prescribed above. Students must also fulfill all University Graduation Requirements. Students who matriculated in 2010 or earlier must take one elective that satisfies content in the area of sustainability. A list of such classes is available from the School.

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