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BA in Cognitive Sciences - Neuroscience

BA in Cognitive Sciences - Neuroscience

Rice University

Rice University, Houston, United States
  • QS World University Rankings
  • Degree BA
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 24 months

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Program Learning Outcomes for BA in Cognitive Sciences Students graduating from this program will: Understand cognitive science as an interdisciplinary field and demonstrate the ability to synthesize key knowledge, theories, methods, research, and other elements from many related disciplines and bring these interdisciplinary elements to bear on problems or questions in the cognitive sciences. Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge of the key issues, questions, and perspectives at stake in the multiple disciplines that contribute to the study of cognitive science. Achieve a depth of knowledge in one core area of cognitive science – linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, or philosophy – and develop a knowledge base in that discipline, as well as an understanding of the theories, methods, and research approaches in that discipline. Demonstrate the advanced critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate multiple theories or methods from a variety of related disciplines and choose which to apply to a particular problem or question in the cognitive sciences, as well as the advanced critical thinking ability necessary to evaluate the validity of research results that purport to address the same problem or question, but with different results. Demonstrate the ability to communicate original research or research by other scholars effectively and at a college level in written and oral formats. Degree Requirements for BA in Cognitive Sciences For general university requirements, see Graduation Requirements. Students majoring in cognitive sciences must complete five core courses and seven additional courses (see below). Among the seven additional courses, at least three and no more than four must be in a single area of specialization—linguistics, philosophy, psychology, or neuroscience. At least three and no more than four courses must be in one of the following areas of specialization: Linguistics Neuroscience Philosophy Psychology This program based on Neuroscience.