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BS in Astrophysics

BS in Astrophysics

Rice University

Rice University, Houston, United States
  • QS World University Rankings
  • Degree BS
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 24 months

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For general university requirements, see Graduation Requirements. Major requirements consist of a common core of basic physics and mathematics courses, with additional course work specific to each degree program. Students may obtain credit for some courses by advanced placement, and the department’s undergraduate committee can modify requirements to meet the needs of students with special backgrounds. Degree requirements for BS in Astrophysics PHYS 101 Mechanics (with Lab) and PHYS 103 Mechanics Discussion or PHYS 111 Mechanics (with lab) PHYS 102 Electricity and Magnetism (with Lab) and PHYS 104 E & M Discussion or PHYS 112 Electricity and Magnetism (with lab) PHYS 201 Waves and Optics PHYS 202 Modern Physics PHYS 231 Elementary Physics Laboratory II PHYS 301 Intermediate Mechanics PHYS 302 Intermediate Electrodynamics PHYS 311 Introduction to Quantum Physics I PHYS 425 Statistical and Thermal Physics PHYS 491 and PHYS 492 Undergraduate Research PHYS 493 and PHYS 494 Undergraduate Research Seminar NOTE: The undergraduate research course and seminar must be taken concurrently. ASTR 230 Astronomy Lab ASTR 350 and ASTR 360 Introduction to Astrophysics Two credits of ASTR 400 Undergraduate Research Seminar Three courses from the following: i. ASTR 450 Experimental Space Science ii. ASTR 451 Astrophysics I - Sun and Stars iii. ASTR 452 Astrophysics II - Galaxies and Cosmology iv. ASTR 470 Solar System Physics v. PHYS 312 Introduction to Quantum Physics II vi. PHYS 480 Introduction to Plasma Physics MATH 101 and 102 Single Variable Calculus I and II MATH 211 Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra MATH 212 Multivariable Calculus NOTE: MATH 221 and 222 Honors Calculus III and IV may substitute for MATH 211 and MATH 212 CAAM 336 Differential Equations in Science and Engineering NSCI 230/COMP 110 Computation in Science and Engineering OR CAAM 210 Introduction to Engineering Computation MECH 200 Classical Thermodynamics