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Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

Rice University

Rice University, Houston, United States
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Program Learning Outcomes for Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) Students graduating from this program will: Innovate the knowledge and practice of architecture through advanced critical thinking, experimentation and research. Explore the practice of architecture though the Preceptorship Program, a year-long supervised internship in an architectural firm that subsequently informs advanced research and design. Project innovative architectural practices and ideas through experimental research and design, synthesizing heterogeneous cultural and technical considerations into a coherent project. Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) The Bachelor of Architecture program is open to students who have completed the undergraduate preprofessional architecture program (BA in Architecture) at Rice. The BArch degree requires the successful completion of the BA in Architecture, completion of the two-semester preceptorship, and completion of two graduate option studios and approved lecture or seminar courses. Upon admission, students are assigned a preceptorship, which takes place immediately after receipt of the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree. The preceptorship program balances academic learning with professional experience. Students are assigned to work for a minimum of nine months in the United States or abroad with leading architectural offices designated by the school as Preceptors. The academic year immediately following preceptorship, students must return for their final year of study to the School of Architecture, taking graduate level studios and courses. In this year, students may apply to Rice School of Architecture in Paris to complete a semester abroad. The autumn studios feature the Totalization studio, in which the student’s experience from preceptorship is integrated into academic research through a comprehensive design project. At the end of this final two-year stage, students graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture (professional) degree. Notes for the BArch: Students who completed ARCH 423/623 in their first four years of study must take 3 credit hours of electives in the final year of the BArch in its place (in addition to the normal 9 Credit hours of electives listed below, for a total of 12 credit hours of electives). Students enroll in ARCH 620: Architectural Problems as their studio course if attending Rice School of Architecture in Paris. All Courses above must be taken in the sequence and semester prescribed by the School of Architecture and completed with a grade of C or higher. By accepting a place in the BArch and Preceptorship, each student agrees to all the terms specified by Rice and/or the assigned Preceptorship office, including: registration fees, start and end dates, work responsibilities, performance expectations, etc. Failure to meet these expectations will result in an unsatisfactory grade evaluation and may prevent further progress in the program. Students' concerns while on Preceptorship should be brought to the attention of the Director of External programs as soon as possible. While on Preceptorship, a student remains a Rice student and is governed by applicable student codes of conduct, rights and responsibilities.

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