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MA in East Asian Studies - Critical Asian Humanities Track

MA in East Asian Studies - Critical Asian Humanities Track

  • Degree MA
  • Study Level Masters

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APSI administers an innovative interdisciplinary Master's Program in East Asian Studies. The Program offers broad choices and can be individually tailored. It meets the needs of students planning to enter professional careers such as the diplomatic corps, international law, education, and business as well as providing academic enhancement for mid-career professionals in these fields. The Program is also designed to prepare students who want to enter doctoral programs in the social sciences and humanities. The program offers comprehensive coverage of East Asian societies, histories, and cultures, with particular strengths in literature, modern history, comparative history and culture, religious studies, and film, media, and visual studies. Duke's interdepartmental concentrations in Japanese history, East Asian colonialism, and in modern Chinese literature are among the strongest in the US. Duke also shares close ties with East Asian Studies faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), and students can receive credit for courses taken at either institution. The CAH track focuses more narrowly on the study of literature, film, and other forms of cultural production. Students in the CAH track must take at least five courses in literature/culture taught within AMES, and they may also take approved courses on other topics involving literary and cultural analysis taught by faculty in departments such as Literature, English, and Cultural Anthropology. The CAH track is designed to provide a more focused and systematic training in literary and cultural studies, and is particularly appropriate for students planning to apply for doctoral programs in these fields.