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Master of Engineering (MEng) in Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering (MEng) in Civil Engineering

  • Study Level Masters
  • Duration 24 months

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Duke’s Master of Engineering (MEng) in Civil Engineering is an alternative to a traditional master of science program that will deepen your understanding of technology and help you develop the business leadership and management expertise you need to succeed in your career. In the Master of Engineering program, you take specialized technical classes and a core of business leadership and management courses, with a required internship or a project completing the degree. Faculty in Duke's Civil Engineering programs are conducting fracture mechanics studies that will lead to better material design. We're researching ways to assess risks posed by natural hazards and to protect critical infrastructure components such as (power substations and telecommunication centers) from such hazards. We are learning how to noninvasively interrogate subsurface environments and to characterize and model geophysical and geochemical behavior. And we're learning to harvest energy from vibrations from the ocean, bridges, or construction sites. Problem solving is the common thread that runs through our work, and is the core of what we teach our students. As a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering student, you will gain the technology know-how and practical management skills needed to enter the broad-ranging civil engineering industry. Duke's Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering program emphasizes business and management skills, through Core Industry Preparatory Courses, an Internship, and practical civil engineering analysis, through departmental and concentration area requirements in: Computational Engineering Systems Engineering and Optimization Geo-Systems