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Overview Sophia University (Jochi Daigaku) was founded by the Jesuits in 1913. It began with the mission to build bridges between Japan and the world, and has been a pioneer in international education in Japan, attracting faculty and students from all over the world. In 1949 Sophia established the first program in Japan taught entirely in English, and it continues to lead the Japanese academic world in offering international programs. The University is located in Yotsuya, literally in the heart of Tokyo. The area around the university has long been at the center of the Japanese political, economic and cultural worlds. Sophia's graduates pursue careers in international organizations, in major Japanese and international corporations, in the research labs of companies and universities in Japan and abroad, in teaching, in law and politics, and in numerous non-governmental and non-profit organizations. Reflecting our international orientation, there are Sophia alumni associations in all of the major cities of the world. Educational Ideals of Sophia University The roots of the university go back to 1549, when St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit, landed in Kagoshima with the hope of building a Catholic University which would bring together the best of the Asian and Western intellectual...

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