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Bachelor of Arts Major in Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts Major in Mathematics

  • QS World University Rankings
  • Degree Other
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months
  • Scholarships No
Bachelor of Arts Major in Mathematics Students must complete a minimum of 124 units with a Pacific cumulative and major/program grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics. The Mathematics Department shares the University mission of providing a superior, student-centered education. Education in mathematics assists students in developing, to their fullest potential, their mathematical reasoning, communication and problem solving skills. Students who choose to major in mathematics are provided opportunities to develop strong problem solving skills that use quantitative methods and appropriate technology. They understand the strengths, limitations and wide applicability of mathematical modeling in a variety of disciplines. Students develop an appreciation for the discipline and esthetics of mathematics, effectiveness in problem solving, and an appropriate understanding of theory. Graduates who major in mathematics are prepared for the many careers in which mathematics plays an important role, for further study in Mathematics at the graduate level, or for careers in teaching mathematics. Students interested in mathematics primarily as a component of a liberal education or as a second major may elect the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who choose to double major or minor in mathematics or who choose to study mathematics as part of their liberal arts education learn the major methods, applicability, and spirit of the mathematical sciences. The Department of Mathematics also provides courses offering opportunities for students from other disciplines and professional programs to develop the quantitative skills necessary for success in their chosen field. Learning Outcomes 1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in calculus. 2. Students will demonstrate retention of calculus knowledge. 3. Students will demonstrate proficiency in linear algebra. 4. As appropriate to their area of concentration, students will demonstrate proficiency in a breadth of mathematical theory and application. 5. Students will demonstrate the ability to research a topic, summarize, and report findings. 6. Students will be able to function on a team and work collaboratively. 7. Students will be able to convince peers of the validity of a solution. 8. Students will demonstrate proficiency in solving routine mathematical problems. 9. Students will demonstrate proficiency in solving non-routine mathematical problems. 10. Students will demonstrate proficiency in proving mathematical statements. 11. Students will demonstrate proficiency in mathematical modeling. Pre-Professional Education Courses for Single Subject Mathematics or Foundational-Level Mathematics Students who plan to earn a degree and a teaching credential through the University of the Pacific simultaneously are required to take certain professional education courses during their undergraduate years. Contact Marilyn Draheim in the Benerd School of Education or Dennis Parker in the Mathematics Department for details about these course requirements.

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