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Coronavirus Advice for QS Event Attendees

Coronavirus Advice for QS Event Attendees main image

If you're planning to attend a QS World Grad School Tour or QS World MBA Tour event in the near future, we want to offer every reassurance possible that steps are being taken to minimize the risk of coronavirus. Your health and safety are of paramount importance to us and we are confident there is minimal risk of any event attendees being exposed to the virus. 

To help us in these efforts, here are five simple things all event attendees can do. 

Don’t shake hands

Handshakes are usually the ideal way to greet university representatives and fellow event attendees but they are also one of the fastest ways the coronavirus can be transmitted. Please refrain from shaking hands. Instead, we’re advertising a ‘Tap and Connect’ policy for all QS events. Simply tap your event lanyard against someone else’s as a greeting instead!

Wash hands thoroughly

It’s important to regularly wash and sanitize your hands. The World Health Organisation recommend doing so after each of the following:

  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Preparing food (also before and during)
  • Using the toilet
  • Getting your hands visibly dirty

Also wash your hands before eating any food.

Avoid touching your face

It’s something we do without even realising - especially in situations where we’re a bit nervous or stressed. However, touching your face after touching contaminated surfaces is one of the ways coronavirus can be transmitted. Minimize the risk by avoiding touching your face unless you have just washed your hands.

Use a tissue

Coughing or sneezing doesn’t mean you’ve caught the coronavirus, but it’s important to still take precautions and do so either into a tissue or your sleeve. If you use a tissue, dispose of it in a closed rubbish bin and then wash your hands.

Don’t come if you feel unwell

No event is so important that it’s worth putting your own health (and the health of others) at risk. If you feel unwell, stay home and call your doctor. They will ask you questions and hopefully be able to ascertain if you’re at risk of infecting others and/or require treatment. You should also call your doctor if you develop shortness of breath.

Hopefully, by taking all of the above precautions, you will still be able to have a successful event experience and take one step closer towards finding your dream university and degree. We look forward to seeing you in person and having the chance to talk more about your future!

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Written by Craig OCallaghan
As Head of Content, Craig is responsible for all articles and guides published across TopUniversities and TopMBA. He has nearly 10 years of experience writing for a student audience and extensive knowledge of universities and study programs around the world.

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