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B.S. in Physics

B.S. in Physics

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  • Degree Other
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months

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Physics forms a foundation for all other sciences. The various undergraduate courses and degree programs offered by the Physics department provide students with a thorough preparation in physics for any career, as well as the general background in physics that should be part of a liberal education. The department offers four different introductory sequences and two degree programs. Also offered are introductory courses that fulfill the science and quantitative reasoning distributional requirements and are appropriate for non?science majors. B.S. degree program: The prerequisites are an introductory lecture course sequence with a mathematics sequence equivalent to, or more advanced than, the co requisite of the physics sequence. The following options are appropriate: PHYS 170, 171 with MATH 112, 115; or PHYS 180, 181 with MATH 115, 120; or PHYS 200, 201 with MATH 120 and either 225 or 222; or PHYS 260, 261 with MATH 120, ENAS 151, PHYS 301, or MATH 230, 231 or equivalent. In addition, the laboratory sequence PHYS 205L, 206L or PHYS 165L, 166L is required. Students who take these physics and mathematics courses starting in their freshman year may satisfy the prerequisites by the middle of their sophomore year. Students who begin taking physics courses in their sophomore year may also complete either the standard or the intensive major. Students are advised to take mathematics courses throughout their freshman year at the appropriate level.