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Master of Science in Actuarial Science - Insurance

Master of Science in Actuarial Science - Insurance

Boston University

Charles River Campus, Boston, United States
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  • Study Level Masters
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Actuaries use quantitative skills to help others make prudent and intelligent financial decisions. These decisions are based on future predictions that are derived from past and present data analyses. Most actuaries work for life, health, and property/casualty insurance companies. However, many are employed by consulting firms, government agencies, accounting firms, industrial corporations, banks, and financial services companies. Although actuaries are skilled mathematicians, they are also business men and women who need broad-based business skills. Many actuaries find themselves in high-level management positions. In addition, the prospective actuary needs to prepare for the professional qualifying examinations offered by the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society. Fellowship in either of these two professional societies assures the public that the actuary has been trained to perform at a high level of competence. Actuaries, as well as other business professionals, are often asked to make decisions that have far-reaching social implications. Very often these decisions involve a balancing of competing social and ethical values that are never fully disclosed or discussed. Examples of such decisions may include issues involving the environment, affirmative action, right to privacy, and plant closings. Boston University’s Actuarial Science program provides specialized courses in actuarial science and related courses in probability and statistics. The program also offers the student a broad-based exposure to business and economic principles along with an opportunity to further his/her knowledge of mathematics. In addition, the program will prepare each student for the professional qualifying examinations. And finally, the program will provide an opportunity for students to be aware of and understand the ethical dilemmas that are often encountered in the process of business decision making.

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