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JD/MA in History

JD/MA in History

Boston University

Charles River Campus, Boston, United States
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Boston University offers qualified students the opportunity to combine the study of law with coursework in history. The dual degree program facilitates inquiry at the two fields’ intersection in legal history. Successful candidates receive both the Juris Doctor (JD) degree and a Master of Arts (MA) degree. The dual degree program ordinarily can be completed in six semesters, rather than the eight semesters required to obtain each degree independently because some courses can be credited toward both degrees. Academic Requirements To earn the MA, students must complete eight graduate courses (normally 32 credits) in history. To earn the JD, students must earn at least 84 School of Law (LAW) credits, and must comply with additional school requirements. The dual degree program allows students to receive joint credit for some courses taken at BU Law and in the Department of History, subject to the limitations described below. The Department of History requires that dual degree students complete at least four graduate-level courses in history, the same four courses that are required for every MA candidate: 1) GRS HI 800 European Historiography; 2) GRS HI 850 American Historiography; 3) GRS HI 870 African Historiography; and 4) GRS HI 801 The Historian’s Craft. The above four history courses also may be applied to the JD, up to a maximum of 12 credits total. Students apply these history courses to the JD during their second and third years of law school (typically one course per semester).

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