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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

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The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology degree program exposes students to a broad range of thinking about psychology and provides opportunities for research experience. Students who complete the psychology degree program have the skills to be successful in a range of vocations or professional and graduate training programs, and are well-prepared for further study of psychology, medicine, and law. Students who complete the bachelor’s degree in Psychology will be able to demonstrate: Knowledge of and ability to apply fundamental psychological theories, perspectives, and techniques to define and address real-life situations. Proficiency in explaining and evaluating strengths and limitations of several common research methods, data analyses, and studies employed by psychologists. Informational and communication competence by formulating a topic of interest, conducting a literature search, selecting and critically evaluating valid and appropriate sources, and synthesizing and presenting in oral and/or written form using APA style format selected psychology articles and books. Proficiency in conducting fundamental psychological experimental research and communicating findings in a professional manner using APA style format and following professional ethical research guidelines. Advanced breadth of disciplinary knowledge by explaining and applying at least two selected content and applied areas of psychology (e.g., clinical-counseling, cognition and learning, developmental, social, abnormal-forensic) to describe and address real-life situations.