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MS in Computer Engineering

MS in Computer Engineering

Boston University

Charles River Campus, Boston, United States
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The Master of Science (MS) program in Computer Engineering is designed to prepare students for technically demanding careers in industry as well as for post-master’s graduate studies in Computer Engineering or related fields. More specifically: It requires students to build depth in a Computer Engineering specialization, selected from areas such as hardware and computer architecture, computer communications and networks, and software. It requires students to take at least 4 credits of an ECE course at the 700 level. It affords students the opportunity to flexibly choose graduate electives to explore technical or professional interests within engineering. It has a practicum requirement that is satisfied by doing a 4-credit thesis, a 4-credit project, or taking two project-intensive courses. Curriculum The MS curriculum in Computer Engineering requires completion of 32 graduate-level credits, while satisfying a specialization requirement and a practicum requirement. The remaining credits can be selected from a broad range of graduate electives. The credits of a course can only be used to fulfill the MS requirements if the student receives a grade of C or better in the course. Students should also maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 across all graduate-level courses taken while enrolled in the MS program. The specialization requirement is met by taking four structured graduate courses from a specialization. Students with appropriate prerequisites may petition to use two 700-level courses to meet the specialization requirement. The graduate electives can be Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) graduate courses, non-ECE College of Engineering graduate courses, or College of Arts & Sciences graduate courses in scientific/technical areas. Graduate electives may include at most 8 credits of courses at the 9XX level. The MS program in Electrical Engineering also requires at least one 4-credit ECE course at the 700 level.