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Scholarships to Study Abroad

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Looking to study abroad but worried about the cost? Good news! There are hundreds of scholarships to study abroad, including general scholarships and more specialized funding schemes. Some are offered by government agencies, some by individual universities, and others by external funding organizations and charitable enterprises.

Searching through all the international scholarships out there can be a pretty mammoth task. But we’ve tried to make this easier by creating lists of scholarships to study abroad, grouped into various categories.

These include lists of international scholarships to study abroad in a particular country, scholarships to study a particular subject, and scholarships targeting particular groups of students. Have a browse of the lists below to see which categories apply to you.

For more advice, visit our Scholarship Applications FAQ, or download our complete guide on How to Find Scholarships to Study Abroad.

Region-specific scholarships:

Country-specific scholarships:

Subject-specific scholarships:

Student-specific scholarships:

Other scholarships:

Note: this page was originally created in June 2013 and is regularly updated with new scholarship listings.

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Hello All,
I'm Algerian.I've a Master's degree in English.I've specialised in Applied Language Studies.Any fully funded scholarship for me to pursue my PhD or to get another Master's degree in my field?
Thanks in Advance

hallo my name is davis want to get guidelines on how to write awinning essay

Hi Davis, we have an article on this exact topic, written by a previous winner of a QS Scholarship - you can read it here. :)

HI Sabrina,
I have taught special education for close to 20 years, just completed a Masters Of Education a PhD in education with a focus on early literacy, or special education. I am willing to move to complete a PhD, but would prefer a warmer climate that my current home in Canada. Also, if there are Universities that are free, or low cost, this would help. Finally scholarships would also be benefitial. Can you assist me?

Hi Mary, our article 'where can you study abroad for free' could help get you started on finding a low cost study destination, and includes warmer countries like Greece and India.

Its me lubna nazneen from pakistan i have done msc zoology.now looking for m.phil leading phd scholarships. Can i get scholarships?

Hello world , Am Mithun G studying veterinary final year with grade points 6.9 / 10 from Andhra pradesh , India . I wanna do my P.G in canada . I wanna know about the scholarships & fellowships to which am eligible. My Ielts score is 7.3 ..... can u plzzz suggest me about the scholarships & fellowships that I can get ..... it will be very helpful to me .

Hi Mithun, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Canada - I'm sure you'd be eligible for a fair few of these. :)

Hi , I have done MBA specilization in Banking and Fianance. currently i am doing job in Micro Finance bank in pakistan. I want to get admission in canadian University on scholarship as international student.
Please help me on getting admission on said qualification and country of residence,

Hi Khan, we've listed a selection of scholarships to study in Canada here. :)

Hi i'm Jamaladin from Iran and am a math teacher with 10 years experience . i have master in "mathematics education". I looking for scholarship (PHD). Can anybody help me?

Hi, am Nasilele Alex and I really want a scholarship. H ow can I be helped.

Hello, a good place to start looking for scholarships would be the official website of the university or universities you're interested in, as they may well offer their own funding opportunities. We also have various scholarships listed above for different countries, subjects and student groups. :)

i am moon from pakistan am doing Bs(hon) in food science and technology just near to complete my bachelor degree . here i am very surprized to see that my discipline don"t exist in course guide and also tell me fully funded schlorships in food science

Hi i'm sizwe from south Africa, no degree yet but studied in China till 4th year of my medicine (MBBS) degree, looking to get a scholarship to do my MBBS or MBChB anywhere, how do i go about applying?

Hi Sizwe, please have a look at our list of medical scholarships around the world. Each scholarship link should show you full information on how to apply. Good luck!

my name is stephen from Ghana.i would like to know if there are scholarships available for sociology.i would like to study it in Russia or Germany

Hi Stephen, while we don't currently list sociology scholarships, we do have a list of scholarships to study in Russia or Germany. Hope this helps! 

My name is Adedoyin, living in Nigeria. I have first class in biochemistry and I want to get my masters degree in Medical Biochemistry. How can i get scholarship abroad to achieve my dream?

Hi Adedoyin, please take a look at our list of medical scholarships around the world. :)

Hi, am Samuel Wilfred a Nigerian, i have a HND in Public Administration. please what post graduate scholarship would you advise i apply for in US. Thanks

Hi Samuel, the scholarships listed under 'to study in the US' in this article may be particularly suited to you, and we have a list of more US scholarships here. :)

Hi ,I'm Samara .19 years old,Lebanese resident,studding in American University for Science and Technology freshmen yea rand I would like to study Anatomy can you help me please

Hi, myself Tara Sharma and I am from Sikkim (India). I finished my masters in Geography, Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS, Diploma in Cooperative Business Management, Diploma in Cooperative Education and Development and finally received my Doctorate in Rural Development in 2014. I would like to apply for postdoctoral scholarship fully covering tuition fees in USA or in UK. May I know am I eligible for any scholarship. Can you please advise me for the same. Thank you

Hello, I'm Meydi from Indonesia. I'm wondering whether it is possible or not for a student like me to get a scholarship? For the record, I finished my undergraduate English Education study in more than 5 years and my GPA is 3,2.
Thank you.

I will tell you more about scholarships.


Thank you for your work, you’re really helping many people.

I was wondering if I can win a university in US taking tests as the only way to show my talent. It doesn't matter how difficult or hard it may be.

I would appreciate if you give me some links for help too.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.

My name is Sachin Karki. I'm 20 & from nepal
I have fine academic performance in my 12th grade (High School). I'm Dedicated and serious about my career but I have a very weak financial status. I'm committed and determined for making my career by pursing my academic life in abroad but finance has always been a major issue for this. So, what my queries are:

Is there any kind of provision or scholarship scheme for students like me?
Is it possible for me to pursue my career there in abroad despite of poor financial status?
Is it possible for me to make it out there in low or minimum cost?

if Yes, then I request you to provide me information regarding the requirements and expenses.
and also the initial steps that I should take for the further ones. please let me know about this.

Hi Sachin, please take a look at our list of international scholarships for students from developing countries. This page also lists many other scholarships which might suit you, for example with the scholarships by subject or country. You might like to read our country guides for lots of information on student cities, universities, fees and visas when studying abroad. To help boost your finances whilst studying, you may like to get a part-time student job. We also have an article about countries where you can study abroad for free. Hope this helps.

Hi am from Pakistan.i just recently Finished my BSCS. I'm a good programmer and I am looking for a scholarship to study in abroad. I found your office helping to the various students all over the world. Yet, I do not have enough information about how can I get scholarship in top ranking universities. I will really appreciate if you lead me any good advice.

Thanks for all and your concerns.

I`m a filmmaker from Egypt, I have 5 years experience in filmmaking as an editor and director ... I want to apply for the cinema and digital media (CDM) master`s program from FAMU (film school in performing arts in Prague )
Do you recommend any grant or scholarships I can apply for to cover the tuition fees? also is there any age limits, as I`m 26 years old?
thank you so much for your concerns

Hi, i'm from Pakistan and im currently studying Bachelors in Media Sciences (Advertising). But i want to do my Bachelors from US , but the problem is that I cant really afford it all, so is credit transfer possible? Plus are there Scholarships for me?

Hello, please take a look at our list of International Scholarships to Study in the US. As for credit transfer, I would advise you to check with the US universities you are applying for to see what their preferences are. Hope this helps!

ThankYou !

Hello, am from Cameroon and would like to know if there are any scholarships am eligible for based on the strength of my 3.30 GPA postgraduate diploma in counselling psychology. Thanks.

Hello, I'm from Cameroon and I would like to know if there are any scholarships I could apply for based on my postgraduate diploma in counselling psychology I have a GPA of 3.3

Hi, I'm from Morocco, I will have my PhD in pharmaceutical science this year in my country, and I'm looking for a scholarship to continue studding pharmacy specialization in USA, specially the field of pharmaceutical technology, offered by some universities as a master’s level specialization. can you pleas help me? I will be so grateful.

I'm from Vietnam and I am looking for scholarship to study liguistic in Spain. Can you give me some info about the scholarship of the universities in Spain? for undergraduated student) Thank you so much

Hi Khue. I'm afraid we don't have a specific list of linguistics scholarships at the moment, but take a look at our scholarships to study in Europe, and check with the individual Spanish universities you're interested in to see what funding opportunities they offer.

I have a question.
Is there any scholarships specific for LGBT community?

Hi Taim. There are lots of scholarships available with a focus on LGBT students. I'm afraid we don't currently have a listing of these, but I've now added this to our content schedule - so watch this space!

Hello Laura,
I'm a Syrian currently living in KSA. I'm extremely interested in studying Medicine in Australia or New Zealand but I really can't afford it. I just finished high school with excellent grades but my family's financial conditions are horrible. Given the conditions occurring in my home country can I get a scholarship somehow. I've searched but got nothing, Please reply and help me anyway you can. I would appreciate it enormously.

Hi Shafeek, I'd advise you to apply for any funding/scholarship opportunities you can find - often it's the people who are most determined who are able to get funding! For a look at the sorts of funding available worldwide see our medical scholarships or Australian scholarships articles. I'd also recommend that you visit the websites of top medical schools to see if they offer funding for students in financial need. (For example, the University of Melbourne offers loads of scholarships for specific students) Many other schools are the same, but it takes persistance to find and apply to all opportunities. I wish you the best of luck with your search!


Thank you so much I'll look into all of these options. I really appreciate your help and keep up the good work.

Dear Laura;
I'm Amine from Algeria. am student in high school i have bachelo's of mechanic so i want to study in a german university , I found your office helping to the various student all over the world.then i have no idea about how to get there and beggin studies so I hope u help me and tell me if there is some free universities or not and if not tell me how much it coast to study and what about when i begin my work and get a job. I'd like you to inform me about that I could reach any scholarship application by either private or firms. I will really appreciate if you lead me.
thank you soo much for all and your concerns

Hi there, study in Germany is free at undergraduate and PhD level (at all public universities), although fees still apply to master's degrees. To find our more about costs, see this article. (It is possible however to get a scholarship to cover master's tuition fees).

If you don't speak German, you should be aware that degrees offered in English are harder to find. See this article for more details.

For more general information on studying in Germany, see our FAQ will links to a number of article which may be helpful to you!

Good luck! L

Dear Laura
I'm Emre from Turkey. I have been offered admission to the Master of Architecture and Urban Design program at Columbia University. So as to attend the courses, I need to find a scholarship. I found your office helping to the various students all over the world. Yet, I do not have enough information about that whether I have a chance to apply for international scholarships, having considered the fact that Turkey is not much-listed country. Hence, I'd like you to inform me about that I could reach any scholarship application by either private or firms. I will really appreciate if you lead me.

Thanks for all and your concerns.

Hi Emre. I'd recommend starting by checking what scholarships and support the university itself has to offer. Then you can research additional opportunities, perhaps starting with our listing of scholarships to study in the US. You may also find our guide to funding graduate studies useful.

Best wishes,


i need scholarship..need help

i am tanhanang from cameroon. studen from university of Dschand in professional master in local governance decentralisation and developpment. now i wish to perfect my studies abroad to have more qualification and aptitudes to participate as soon possible to the developpement of my country . my question is ot know how to have information about where in cant guet a scholarschip or summer school to complete my study? and what can i do to be selected . thank