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Digital Communication Arts Undergraduate Major (BA, BFA, BS, HBA, HBFA, HBS)

Digital Communication Arts Undergraduate Major (BA, BFA, BS, HBA, HBFA, HBS)

Oregon State University

Oregon State University - Main Campus, Corvallis, United States
  • QS World University Rankings
  • Degree Other
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months
  • Scholarships No
The BA/BS/HBA/HBS of Digital Communication Arts studies the intersection of media and social life. Throughout history, new media have produced profound changes in human interaction. Family life, politics, commerce, religion, and the distribution of privileges have all been subject to fundamental revision in the wake of new technologies for communication. This provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the nature of these changes and prepares them to anticipate and manage inevitable future changes as the media landscape continues to evolve. This is particularly appropriate for students who seek careers in media research and criticism, graduate studies in media, work in media policy, and gain skills needed to manage media communications enterprises. A BA/BS/HBA/HBS of Digital Communication Arts can be earned by completing the core requirements as well as the intermediate and advanced levels of study. BFA The BFA in Digital Communication Arts focuses on media production. The BFA is designed to provide a foundation in media aesthetics, story conceptualization and preproduction planning for linear and nonlinear/interactive projects, video production, sound design and 3D modeling and animation. Students are encouraged to explore their own creativity within a carefully constructed curriculum that serves as a basis for independent work and portfolio development. Faculty members include artists, videographers, editors and composers from professional production environments. A BFA can be earned by completing the Core Requirements, Foundation Course Work and the Production Specialty Requirements. BA/BS Additional Requirements All students receiving a BA degree shall have proficiency in a second language, including American Sign Language (ASL), equivalent to that attained at the end of the second year sequence with a grade of C– or better as certified by the School of Language, Culture, and Society. The BS degree is conferred for focused curricula that emphasize scientific ways of knowing and quantitative approaches to understanding in the sciences and the social sciences and for curricula in professional fields. Students satisfying BS degree requirements shall have completed additional math, science and computer science courses beyond the University Baccalaureate Core. Both the BA and BS degrees require completion of the College of Liberal Arts Core. The BFA degree does not require the College of Liberal Arts Core or the college’s BA/BS requirements. The requirements within the major exceed those of the CLA Core, making it redundant.

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