Finance Undergraduate Major (BA, BS, HBA, HBS) Program By Oregon State University | Top Universities

Finance Undergraduate Major (BA, BS, HBA, HBS)

Finance Undergraduate Major (BA, BS, HBA, HBS)

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Overview The goal of the finance program at OSU is to prepare students for careers in institutional finance, which includes careers in banking, brokerage, insurance and other fields. Individuals entering a career with a financial institution have many opportunities open to them. Many who go into banking select career paths in either operations or lending. Within the lending area, finance majors can specialize in installment credit lending to consumers of durable goods, mortgage lending to home builders and buyers, or commercial lending to help finance the growth of businesses. Men and women entering the securities industry find careers as stock and bond brokers, security analysts or portfolio managers. Individuals choosing the area of insurance typically enter company operations through either claims or underwriting positions. Those with sales positions can choose to work either with corporations or individuals as a client base. In addition, many decide to work for the government as finance personnel in charge of revenue and expenditure programs. Financial managers engage in many activities designed to ensure the efficient use of an individual's or organization's capital resources. The finance field involves the management of funds in our economic system. Because financial managers deal with other people's money, finance is a career choice for individuals who enjoy working with people and who desire challenging assignments. Curriculum Advances in computer technology have made the subject of finance more rigorous and analytical. As a result, individuals who study finance must possess a knowledge of statistical and quantitative methods, systems analysis and computer applications in addition to finance and accounting skills.

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